Great Scott.......
The highly skilled team of Coulombe Enterprises has been offering my
Back To The Future Delorean Time Machine replicas since 1996!
Our film accurate DeLorean Time Machines and  custom replicated props are that of what even Doc Brown would be envious of.
Coulombe Enterprises, Oviedo Florida
PH: 561-752-7535  Email:

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The proud team of CEI that brings you these great products are:
Bruce Coulombe - Mary Coulombe
Phil Bergeron - Christopher Coulombe
Jim Carpenter - Tom Snyder - Rob Sims

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 Universal Studios / Universal Orlando Resorts 
 Bob Gale & Bob Zemeckis - Kevin Pike - Team Fox

Back To the Future
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We are currently updating this site with new photos, listings, props and lower prices. If you wish to purchase, need prices or info, give us a call or drop us an email. We'll be glad to help!
We build Delorean Time Machines, ​and we do it with "Lots Of Style"!
             Phil                             Rob                             Christopher
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Give your Trade Show, Event, Exhibit or Party that extra crowd pleaser with our very own Cast Members/Actors that will leave your guest with the jaw-dropping  "WOW FACTOR"! 
Coulombe Ent. facility
We provide DMC professionally restored Deloreans and transform them into Time Machines  with style ranging from $65K - $95k

​​Do you own a Delorean you want transformed by our team of former NASA Engineers and Pratt & Whitney machinist? We can convert your Delorean into one of our iconic Time Machines with style ranging from $30k - $65k 
​Give us a call for full details and pricing.

(561) 752-7535​
Our Signature Gallery Series Time Machines
from ​ $65K - $95K
1985 Doc Brown Series
Signature Series
Interior View of all models
1955 Lightning Bolt Series
2015 Fly'n Delorean Series
2015 Fusion Industries Series
Call (561) 752-7535 for a price quote on the DeLorean Time Machine of your dreams.
In 2013 Coulombe Enterprises has been commissioned to build six of our iconic Time Machines. Below is a photo of the six Deloreans arranged in our parking lot by vin the vehicles numbers and titled as:  The Class of 2013 Future Time Machines
Visit our Face Book page to follow the progress of  each build.

Take a look at the photo below and you'll see for yourself the amazing detail that goes into each of our iconic builds.
Get better connected  with the amazing details and craftsmanship found in  all of our Delorean Time Machines. Go to the above tab selection at the top of this page and click on the tab marked as " Time Machine Info". On this page you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions from our customers. If your questions and answers are not found on this page, please be sure to email us and one of our highly trained team members will do their best to assist you.
We have Film/TV Actors & professional impersonators you can hire to enhance any event & give your guest a jaw dropping experience
Other builders say what they'll do "BUT",  we believe in letting our work speak for itself. Watch these videos and you'll agree... WE HAVE NO COMPETITION!
Chris Pruiett as Doc Brown
Rob Sims as Marty McFly have more than 20 years acting as professional impersonators working at  Universal Studios Orlando​
1955 Drive-In Theater Series
Kevin Pike
Film Trix Special Effects Supervisor and builder of all 3
​Delorean Time Machines
a​s seen in the iconic
​Back To The Future Trilogy
Gives unsolicited positive testimony on the quality of one of our builds owned by Lenny Hochteil in LA​.
It is our honor to be awarded positive praise from the man himself that built the original
​3 Delorean Time Machines from the BTTF Trilogy.
Click on the video and...........
Let our work speak for itself !