Our Back To the Future film accurate reproductions/props are that of what even Doc Brown would be envious of.
CEI & Doug Beck have teamed together for a Limited Time Offer

​​​​We are proud to announce that after many request and long hours of engineering, we have finally perfected a screen accurate scrolling up/down Stanley replica display version of Doc's Futaba Radio to be released soon! 
Coulombe Enterprises, Oviedo Florida
PH: 561-752-7535  Email: info@DeloreanTimeMachines.com
Power by Mr.Fusion Hill Valley Industries & 1.21Jigowatts
We are currently updating this site with new photos, listings, props and lower prices. If you wish to purchase, need prices or info, give us a call or drop us an email. We'll be glad to help!

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Doc's  Futaba RC Radio
A DeLorean Time Machine  replicated accessory  with
 audio playback movie sound byte
Doc Brown's
Delorean Time Machine
​Wireless Remote Controlled Radio

 Shipping Cost to:
USA      $31.00
 Europe   $84.00
Japan     $90.00
Australia $124.00
We will be taking pre-orders for the first 10 radios for $799.00 plus shipping. After the first 10 are sold, the cost will increase to $899.00 plus shipping.

Email us at: info@DeloreanTimeMachines.com
​to place your order while they last!

Special Offer for CEI customers only. If you purchased a CEI Doc Radio prop (static version) from us in the past, send your CEI made radio prop to us and we'll upgrade your unit to the scrolling version for only $599.00​​ plus shipping. That's a $300.00 savings
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Movie Screen Accurate vintage Futaba radio with Green PCM label.  $699.00
 Radio with Red PCM label not 100% movie screen accurate